Construction, Property & Civil Engineering
Ron is a Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Builder (Construction Manager), Chartered Building Engineer and a Corporate Building Surveyor. He was for over 25 years the Managing Director of a Property Development Company specialising in the redevelopment of residential and commercial property.
For over 12 years Ron was also a visiting lecturer at The Nottingham Trent University where he lectured in Construction Technology, Management and Economics at undergraduate level and at Loughborough University where he ran their Project Evaluation and Development module for undergraduate and post graduate students.
During his career Ron has also lectured at Lincoln College in Building and Civil Engineering Studies and was responsible for the development of new programmes and courses for their School of Construction before leaving to take up the position of Director for Gates MacBain Associates Limited, a Private Education and Training Provider and Consultancy specialising in Construction and Civil Engineering.
Ron is the author of Successful Property Development the book that was used as the standard text for property development courses at a number of universities and has published numerous magazine articles. In addition he has written a number of distance learning modules for The Nottingham Trent University, and for the British Army and study units for the Construction Learning Gateway of which he was the Director. He has also written many of the Study Units for the the national e-learning and resource website for Higher and Further Education Institutions and was its Technical Expert Author Advisor and Editor. In addition to writing the material he has also acted as tutor for distance learning and online courses.
Having been a member of the Chartered Institute of Building East Midland Regional Committee, Ron also sat on their Strategy and External Relations Committee and was involved with the development of the criteria for Incorporated Engineer status through the Institute of Highway Engineers.
Construction and Civil Engineering
In the programme of talks for cruises related to construction Ron looks at the history and the development of Construction and Civil Engineering projects and the methods used from ancient to modern time. Subjects covered include:
  • Tunnels – from the digging of caves and the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs to the modern day wonder of the Channel Tunnel.
  • Bridges – looks at the types and methods of creating bridges and some of the world’s most famous.
  • Dams – the reasons, types and methods of damming water and the magnificence of the world’s most famous dams.
  • Canals – their development, construction and the effect that they have had on commerce throughout history.
  • High-rise Buildings – their construction and the quest to reach ever greater heights.
  • Flood Protection – looks at the battle between land and sea and the contribution made by engineers.
  • Construction in the Ancient World - considers Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture and the methods of construction in the ancient world.
In addition he provides talks on all aspects of Construction Technology and Civil Engineering at all level of academic study.
Property Development
In his talks on Property Development Ron looks at the processes and considerations in order to ensure the success of a project. It can be from the perspective of an individual hoping to make money from their home or can provide the knowledge needed to assist professional developers. Subjects covered include:
  • The Property Market
  • The main principles of property development
  • Financial considerations
  • The selection process
  • Important considerations
  • Surveying the property
  • Determining what needs to be done
  • Adding value to the property
  • Costing the project
  • Making offers
  • Building Regulations and Planning requirements
  • Getting workmen or learning yourself.
  • Décor and style
  • Planning and carrying out the work
  • Tracking your budget
  • Selling the property

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